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Credit Insurance

Short-term export credit insurance:
Help export enterprise avoid commercial and political risks:
1) Commercial risks -- bankruptcy or unsolvency of the buyer; payments in arrears; refusal of the buyer to take over the goods; bankruptcy, business suspension or going-into-administration of the issuing bank; payments in arrears or refusal of honoring the long-term L/C of the issuing bank, even when L/C matches documents or documents matche each other.
2) Political risk -
There’s govenmental order, where the buyer or the issuing bank located, to prohibit or restrict payment for the insured or the LC-issued bank, or to ban imports of goods purchased by the buyer or to revocate the import license which has already been issued, There’s Civil war, violence or other rebellions which make the buyer unable to perform the contract or the issuing bank unalbe to pay under L/C.
A third country, which the payment of the buyer has to go through, issues a deferred payment order.
Domestic trade credit insurance
Domestic trade credit insurance can compensate you when the buyer go bankrupcy or pay in arrears during domestic trade. It can help you lower the risk of receivables, offer you advices on choosing your business partners, reduce bad-debt-reserve, broaden the financing channels, and enhance the management level of credit risk.
Medium to long-term export credit insurance
When taking out medium to long-term export credit insurance which covers commercial and political risks, insureds can effectively avoid the following risks:
1)the risk of losing deferred payment of the export enterprises,
2) the risk of losing principal and interest of financing institutions

Global Medical Insurance

This is the first demostically-produced global medical product,to provide global medical security and high- level service for foreigners living in China, Chinese living abroad and indigenous people and other high-end clients.
Its three main features are:
1.High compensation limit ( 100 million dollars per person);
2.Wide range of insurance cover, including but not limited to: inpatient and outpatient service, major illness, chronic disease, disease before-insurance, ophthalmology, dentistry , physical examination, emergency rescue. It also covers medical cost that is excluded by traditonal insurance.
3.Professional, high-quality VIP service, including: free medical service in over 50 thousand medicial institutes globally when using the insurance card; bilingual service on health treatment and claims service .