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Relied on the perfect international reinsurance network, we arrange reasonable reinsurance to reduce risk and optimize insurance risk management.

Risk Management

Our account managers have not only rich insurance experience, but good industrial risk-related knowledge as welll. With good communication of our clients and close cooperation with the demostic and international risk management institutes, we can offer high financial-efficiency risk management solutions for our clients.
Risk assessment
Disaster & Loss Prevention
Risk management and safety training

Claim Assistance

We not only deal with separate claims, but also add up loss ratio and claim data for our clients, helping them find out the most likely causes and perils, and offering suggestions on how to prevent or control losses. In the long-term, it is helpful to improve our clients’ ability of risk management, and to reduce the cost of risk management.

Consultance And Training

To the Group clients, good integration and management of their affiliated enterprise’s insurance business is very important, which requires a strong organization and personnel safeguard. We can provide professional training for the clients, and assist them in establishing a scientific insurance and risk management structure.

Insurance Arrangement

According to clients’demands, we tailor-make insurance solutions and arrange different kinds of insurances for them, to make their property, employees, revenues, profits and public responsibility properly safeguarded. We provide professional insurance service for the following types of insurances.
Including but not limited to eneral property insurance, machine break-down insurance, business interruption insurance, construction/erection insurance, marine and cargo insurance, marine-hull insurance, motor insurance, liability insurance, personal accident insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, and reinsurance.